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Bosse High School in US Lacrosse Magazine


Bosse High School Girls Lacrosse Team has made an imprint in the lacrosse world!  These young athletes created an opportunity for themselves with hardwork and perseverance. The Indiana Girls Lacrosse Association - Coach and players congratulate you!  Their coach, Kenny Benoit, continues to lead by example by attending summits with the Urban Lacrosse Alliance (ULA) to generate ideas and networking opportunities for the team outside of his typical responsibilities as a teacher, coach, and active INGLA board member.  

Below are excerpts from the article, you can catch the entire article here.

In addition to the original First Stick grant, Bosse continues to receive additional US Lacrosse resources as a member of the Urban Lacrosse Alliance (ULA). The benefits include equipment and a small annual stipend to help subsidize fees and expenses.

Created in 2014, the ULA is comprised of like-minded organizations dedicated to expanding lacrosse opportunities for urban youth. The resources provided by US Lacrosse are intended to support increased diversity and inclusion efforts within the game. 

“Without the help of US Lacrosse, we would never have been able to get our program off the ground,” Benoit said. “It’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

“It’s about youth engagement for all of us,” she said. “We all have challenges, but we do what we do because we know that we can make a difference.” -Christianne Malone, founder of Detroit City Lacrosse

by posted 12/06/2018
US Lacrosse New Rule Changes

US Lacrosse has implemented a few new rules for the upcoming season.  As a player, parent, coach, manager, etc - here are the best places to stay on top of the changes, and also ways to further your knowledge of the game.  


US Lacrosse Site 


Additional Rules

NFHS Complete New Rules from US Lacrosse


Or you can go to our IN Girls Lacrosse Officials Webpage for all the update information



If you have any further questions - feel free to contact John Sherman.

by Ashley Grant posted 09/20/2018
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